HBOT Treatment

HBOT Treatment

HBOT treatment in Mumbai

It is a known fact that Hemoglobin, a protein inside the Red Blood Corpuscles (RBC), carries the oxygen inside our body. In the event of tissues getting damaged due to injuries or illness, appropriate levels of oxygen is required for the healing process. But is there any way to enhance the quantum of oxygen in the blood stream so as to address any restriction or blockage of blood flow? Yes, the answer is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). HBOT treatment facilitates the other body fluids and plasmas to carry more oxygen, so that the body is ably aided to fasten the healing process.


HBOT treatment is provided in a specialized therapy chamber in which the internal air pressure is maintained three times that of normal atmospheric pressure. This facilitates the lung to receive more oxygen that what would have been possible even with pure oxygen in normal pressure. During the therapy process, patients are made to lie down inside the chamber. As the procedure progresses, patients can watch movie, listen to music or just relax.


Strokes, problems associated with circulatory system and other non healing wounds demand oxygen for healing process. Unfortunately, Oxygen may not reach the affected part and this in turn hampers the healing ability. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy kills disease causing bacteria and also stimulates the release of growth factors that enhance the rate of healing process. Hence HBOT is used widely as a part of other medical treatments.

What it can treat

With wide spectrum of benefits, HBOT is employed to achieve better medical cure for several illness such as

  • Chronic wounds
  • Ulcers of diabetic patients
  • Burn injuries
  • Injuries due to sports
  • Infections in soft tissues
  • Trauma or crush injuries
  • Anemia
  • Gas or air embolism
  • Sickness due to decompression
  • Infections in brain and bone
  • Sensorineural hearing loss
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Skin grafts having the potential risk of tissue death

Apart from the above mentioned list, HBOT can also be effectively employed for the treatment of cerebral palsy and strokes. HBOT increases the oxygen content in plasma and facilitates the healing of damaged capillary walls. Due to this, the swelling decreases and the blood flow to the dormant tissue increases and subsequently it presents a wonderful opportunity for the brain cells to function again and return to normalcy.

Pre and post procedure requirements

As it is an oxygen based treatment, any source of fuel or spark such as battery operated devices, petroleum based hair and skin care products, perfumes, deodorants, are not permitted inside the treatment chamber. Prior to the treatment, our doctors will clearly provide the instructions to you on the Do’s and Don’ts of the procedure. To ensure the safe progress of the treatment, patients are advised to inform the doctors about the present medical conditions such as diabetics, pregnancy, and changes in medications. As it is an outpatient procedure, it does not demand the necessary of hospitalization. In most of the cases, the therapy may last upto two hours. One of the members of our medical centre associated with HBOT therapy in Mumbai would be present near the therapy chamber throughout the procedure. On completion of the session, any sort of normal activities can be taken up.

HBOT deployed in combination with other medical therapies or procedures presents an excellent opportunity to achieve better results of recovery. Especially, quite remarkable results are achieved for the treatment of children affected with cerebral palsy as well as Autism. Quicker recovery is seen in stroke patients as well as heat attack (myocardial Infarction) patients. It also improves the energy levels as well as activity levels of aging individuals and has a role to play in Parkinson’s Disease as well .

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