Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: “You’ll Never Walk Again”

HBOT Treatment In PuneNeurosurgeons all over the world are campaigning in unison to safeguard head against any possible sports injury or road accident. It is not without any valid reasons they are asking us to take care of ourselves. Any severe traumatic injury in brain, neck, spinal cord, or central nervous system in totality is likely to result in major impairment of movement and throw a spanner in our day to day life activities. But is there any chance for those patients to regain their health what they were enjoying before the mishap? Yes, says the Doctors of Rejuven8, who offer HBOT therapy in Mumbai. How it is possible? Come on, let us have a look.
Any damaged tissue requires oxygen for hastening the healing process and the only natural way it can access oxygen is through the red blood cells. A neurological trauma that is caused by an injury in head or stroke immediately triggers swelling and causes inflammation in the brain. It is a known fact that brain requires oxy-gen for all its activities. When the blood flow gets hampered due to the inflammation, brain starves for oxygen delivery. Moreover, due to the non availability of oxygen, the metabolic wastes also get accumulated and this in turn enhances inflammation. Hence the inflammation and deprival of oxygen forms a chain of events and ultimately destroys the neurons at the injury site and despatches the surrounding area neurons into a dormant state. Precisely, this is where hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) comes into the rescue act.
What is HBOT?
HBOT has been in practice in medical fraternity for few decades. It is not one of the medical shams; it is a thoroughly analyzed and researched methodology of treatment that has been benefitted countless patients across the globe. The HBOT treatment concept is quite simple. It provides the patient with excess of pure oxygen and completely saturates the cells with oxygen. This is accomplished through inundating the body fluids and tissues with oxygen. When the blood deprived tissues of the brain gets access to the oxygen through other body fluids, it slowly starts revival process and kick starts the neurons that have gone into the dormant state. HBOT is carried out in a specialized chamber that is maintained at a pressurized environment and continuously fed with 100% oxygen.
What does HBOT do?
HBOT triggers the production of hormones that are essential for the revival of damaged neurons. One of the amazing feats of HBOT lies in its ability to produce new neurons by increasing stem cell mobilization. Perhaps the perfect functioning of all these actions hastens the healing of any brain or spinal cord injury and other degenerative neurological conditions.
Does it really work?
Across the globe, doctors are practicing HBOT for disabilities associated with neurology. Umpteen case studies of wide spectrum of patients with history of head injury, cerebral palsy, stroke, autism have been documented. Armed with SPECT scans, the pattern of blood flow before and after the therapy has been successfully recorded. They clearly indicate the overwhelming increase of blood flow. Nevertheless, enhancement of patient’s ability and mobility clearly displays the success story of the treatment. HBOT is not a magic that can create miracles in one or two hours. For appreciable results to be noticed, atleast 20 – 30 sitting sessions is required. Moreover, it blends very well with physical therapy, patience, hard work, and motivation.
We are glad that now you are acquainted with the details and benefits of HBOT. So next time, if someone close to you has an unfortunate traumatic brain injury, it is high time to move into rehabilitation program and provide him with an opportunity to revive back through HBOT.