Why Walking Does NOT Make You Lose Fat

Why walking does NOT make you Lose Fat

Walking is the latest fad. Come New Year and all of us have that resolution to lose weight, get fit, burn fat. If only it was that simple. The marathons and other yoga-by-the-bay initiatives instill in us a sense of movement, even if it is only in our minds, only. Further, every ‘get fit’ gadget tries to measure our paces, along with our medical practitioners and health gurus.
But the dirty little secret is that first we need to move our backsides and go out there and just do it! Second, do we really know the health benefits, short term and long term? Is walking good for your body? Does it really burn that stubborn fat that seems to cling to us like a long lost love memory?
So the bottom line is that walking IS great for health and stress reduction. Bur fat reduction… hmmm that is another story. Studies have shown that merely walking is ineffective in curtailing that stubborn flab that clings to our worst trouble spots – mainly around the waist.

So why does walking not burn waist fat?
While walking is beneficial for all round health maintenance, waist fat needs a high metabolic stimulus to burn the fat, and thattoo, fat that has been accumulated across years. Fat burning hormones need high intensity, and walking is low intensity exercise. Though a large percentage of calories burned is of fat, the total amount of fat burned is negligible. Added to this is that the moment you stop walking, the metabolism is back to base line and you stop burning calories. Back to sleep for want of a better term.
So if you really want to cut fat by walking, you have to put in 3-5 hours a day or walk 10,000 – 20,000 steps or more!Simple or painful?

So what do you do?
You continue. Go for daily walks. Not necessarily for 3-5 hours, that is impractical for all of us. But realize that you’re doing it for stress reduction and other health benefits, but NOT for fat loss.
You need a scheme where your metabolism keeps burning fat for 24 – 48 hours after your workout. And help is here. Instead of 3-5 hours of monotonous walking, wouldn’t it be better if you could generate this extended fat burning effect after just 15 minutes of activity?

Here’s how, but wait..
Walking Stinks for Fat Loss. (And What Can Get You DOUBLE the Fat Loss Results?) A recent study published in BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation compared walking to a somewhat unusual metabolism-stimulating activity. The amazing results:The metabolism group lost 95% MORE body fat (11.9% vs. 6.1%) AND shrunk their waist 10 times more (6% vs. 0.6%) compared to walkers. So not only did they lose more fat, but their body shape improved.But it gets better. The metabolism group also increased their V02max by 2,000% more (16.8% vs. 0.6%).
V02max indirectly measures your overall ability to burn fat. The higher the number, the more fat you burn at rest. So those in the metabolic group became better at burning fat all day, every day!
There’s just one MAJOR problem in this study, in my humble opinion. My problem with this study is that the group doing the metabolism-stimulating exercise was doing BOXING-related activities — like footwork drills, punching bags, jumping rope and so on.High intensity, great workouts for sure. However, all that punching, jumping and complicated, pounding footwork isn’t something that many people over 50 can do week-in-and-week out. Additionally, these folks were doing this for 50 minutes, 4 times a week. Sure, that’s A LOT better than 3-5 hours of walking every day, but still a HUGE time commitment.

So how?
Fortunately, there’s a new protocol that gets you all the fat burning benefits of this “metabolic boxing” routine, but in just 15 minutes, 3 times a week.Unlike walking, this new protocol keeps your fat burning hormones fired up and burning fat for up to 24-48 hours after. And it’s been shown to be particularly effective at removing unwanted fat from trouble spots.It’s something that anybody can do, at any age, doesn’t require you go to the gym, punch any bags, push heavy tires or get your feet tangled while jumping rope. In fact, no equipment is needed at all.

By all means, keep on walking and enjoy the relaxing, life-extending benefits. But if your goal is to lose fat and re-shape your body, the smart choice is try this new smart protocol for 15 minutes, 3 times a week. It has been proven for everyone, even if you are suffering from knee joint pain, or unable to walk or exercise.
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