EECP Treatment: A Non-invasive Treatment for Heart Disease and Angina

EECP (Enhanced External Counter pulsation) is a non-invasive, painless and an outpatient treatment for heart diseases such as Angina. It has been recommended as a safe, non-surgical treatment for coronary heart diseases as opposed to the traditional methods like Angioplasty and Bypass Surgery.
EECP treatment is given for about an hour every day for five days a week for upto a total of 35 hours. During the treatment, the patient is asked to rest on a comfortable seat andhis/her legs, thighs and buttocks are wrapped with large cuffs. These cuffs inflate and deflate at specified regular intervals between heartbeats. The inflation of the cuffs is set at a time when the heart is at rest (when it receives its supply of oxygen) and deflates when the rest period ends ideally before the next heartbeat. An electro cardiogram is used to monitor and set the timing of the cuffs. The oxygen level in the blood and the pressure created by the cuff inflations and deflations is monitored by a sensor that is attached to the tip of the patients’finger.
Rejeven8, a renowned EECP Treatment centre in Mumbai recommends that EECP should be the first choice of treatment when it comes to heart diseases due to its immense benefits. Below are some of the benefits of EECP:
Dilation of Arterial Walls and Improved Blood Circulation:Through EECP, the arteries get dilated; there is an improvement in the blood circulation and reduced pressure on the blood vessels. The blood vessels and the heart muscles get toned as a result of the EECP exercise.Patients who have undergone the complete treatment of 35 hourly sittings have reported significant improvements in health, reduction in breathlessness and angina. Improved endothelial function causes an increase in nitric oxide that signals an improved vascular health. It reduces arterial stiffness; promotes recruitment of new arteries; dilates the existing blood vessels.
Safe and Effective: EECP treatment is a non-invasive treatment hence there is no need for hospitalisation. Not only does this save hospitalisation expenses but also reduces the time taken for recovery and pain due to the stitches and convalescence.EECP can be done as an outpatient and after the complete treatment the problem is often eliminated. Some people have weak heart muscles and need help in the basic pumping action. In such cases EECP helps in improving and restoring circulation.
Bypass vs Angioplasty vs EECP:Bypass is an invasive method of treating coronary diseases. Studies have shown that bypass does not provide significant benefits as compared to conservative medical therapy. Similar studies show that Angioplasty alone does not amount to a reduction in death and non-fatal heart attack. EECP treatment along with some lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements has been found to reduce chest pain and shortness of breath. People usually come out of all the medications and drugs related to heart diseases after completing the treatment of EECP.
Fatality:It has been observed that doctors unnecessarily push patients to go for surgical treatments that give a boost to their money bag. In the name of an “emergency” they often force the patients and their kin into these treatments in order to save their lives. Patients are warned of a “full cardiac arrest” if they do not go for the treatments prescribed them.In fact it has been concluded that the negatives of these treatments outweigh their positives.
The cost of an EECP treatment is just a fraction of a Bypass surgery.That is also the reason why many physicians do not put forth EECP as a treatment option among their patients. Angioplasty and Bypass surgeries have become a money minting industry.