Top Three Mistakes In Diabetes Treatment

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The startling recent statistics reveal that the number of people diagnosed with diabetic and more importantly, the number of Indians unaware of the fact that they are diabetic has increased drastically in recent years. Why is diabetes such a serious issue? The truth is that diabetes is the most common risk factor behind kidney and eye problems, cardiovascular diseases especially heart attack and stroke.  These are indeed a serious issues but when appropriate care is adopted, there is no need of worry. After being diagnosed with diabetes, it is very common for the doctors to prescribe medicines to keep the blood sugar level under control. Rejuven8 Clinic, a leading clinic in Mumbai treating diabetes, insists that the mistake starts from here – prescribing drugs that pose more risk than anything good. Let us go through the top three mistakes and the rationale behind it.


Insulin is prescribed to millions of Type 2 diabetic patients when pills alone cannot control sugar level. People are always scary about the insulin injections. As insulin literally stops burning of fat, it leads to side effects such as weight gain and obesity. As you gain weight, it becomes difficult to control the sugar level and obviously, doctors increase the dosage of insulin. The more you weigh, more is the dosage. So the problem of weight gain and insulin will be growing together and it is a never ending process. Is there a solution? Also the fact that large number Indians are Insulin resistant is another reason the use of Insulin and Insulin secreting drugs should be used with caution. As a leading clinic for diabetes treatment in Mumbai, we understand the problem and chart out a plan that never harms your body but naturally controls the sugar level with little or no exogenous insulin. We should admit that our patients are initially reluctant to stop insulin but thanks to our carefully planned therapy, the end result makes them happy. Our therapies are helping the body be naturally insulin sensitive and aimed at weight reduction and lowering blood sugar levels.

Diabetic drugs

On being diagnosed with diabetes, the normal course of action by any doctor is to prescribe diabetes drugs to lower blood sugar level. In this scenario two things happen one being insulin scretagogues the body does not respond to them because it is resistant to insulin or  a second more serious issue where in the blood sugar level drops below the normal level. Another well know side effect is weight gain issues. Some of drugs have the potential risk of cardiovascular disease. Finally in order to keep sugar levels normal, even without our knowledge we are inviting more harmful effects of these prescribed drugs. At our clinic we provide best natural treatment for diabetes without any side effects. As our therapies are natural they are considered as safe and our therapy insists on healthy diet and regular exercise. These procedures benefits in weight loss and subsequently weight management. Our natural and safe therapies control the blood sugar level and keep it normal.

Are you getting enough supplements?

We always believe a healthy lifestyle is the perfect mantra for effective diabetes control. High levels of sugar in blood acts as osmotic diuretic and makes the kidneys to re absorb glucose and create an imbalance in other essential nutrients and minerals such as vitamins, antioxidants, zinc, magnesium and many others. This results in a good recipe for heart problems, kidney failures and blindness. At our clinic, we suggest nutrient based diet along with supplementary food loaded with minerals to safeguard eyes, kidneys, and blood vessels. This definitely offsets the complications of diabetes.

Diabetes can be controlled effectively through proper diet, exercises and good life style habits. We always recommend our diabetes patients to follow few easy steps that assist in controlling blood sugar levels and nullify the complications of diabetes.

  1. Bring down obesity and obtain healthy weight through high fiber food, low glycemic diet and daily exercise.
  2. Daily intake of nutrient and vitamin supplement to counter their depletion through excessive urination.

By following our guidelines, diabetes can be controlled naturally and effectively without medication. But as a word of precaution, do not stop the present medical treatment for diabetes without consulting your physician. It is always better to be aware of the ill effects of diabetic medications and avoid treading the path that is full of gaffe.