Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: “You’ll Never Walk Again”

hbot therapy in Mumbai
Neurosurgeons all over the world are campaigning in unison to safeguard head against any possible sports injury or road accident. It is not without any valid reasons they are asking us to take care of ourselves. Any severe traumatic injury in brain, neck, spinal cord, or central nervous system in totality is likely to result in major impairment of movement and throw a spanner i...
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What Are The Warning Signs of Heart Attack in Women

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Heart attack occurs when a blood clot totally blocks the artery and the heart muscle gets starved of oxygen. The coronary arteries supply oxygen rich blood to the heart muscles. Blood clots are formed when the arteries get choked with fatty substances, calcium, protein and other inflammatory cells. The moment the blood supply gets cut, the heart muscle dies resulting in a hea...
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Why Walking Does NOT Make You Lose Fat

non surgical treatments for osteoarthritis in mumbai
Walking is the latest fad. Come New Year and all of us have that resolution to lose weight, get fit, burn fat. If only it was that simple. The marathons and other yoga-by-the-bay initiatives instill in us a sense of movement, even if it is only in our minds, only. Further, every ‘get fit’ gadget tries to measure our paces, along with our medical practitioners and health gur...
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