5 Strategies for Alleviating Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain, experienced invariably by most of the adults during their lifespan, causes excruciating discomfort that calls for immediate medical advice. Blame it on usual reasons such as ligament strains, work place ergonomics or improper sleep positions that result in acute pains or other causes such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, or ruptured disks that may lead to chromic ailment, it is always a struggle with pain flaring in the spine area.

In several chronic pain scenarios, in-depth medical diagnosis and treatment is essential to eradicate the root cause of the problem. As far as acute pains are considered, they can be easily addressed or avoided by practicing few simple techniques and lifestyle practices. Remember, over the counter medicines definitely mask the pain, but never offer permanent solutions. We at Rejuven∞, one of the pioneers to offer lower back pain treatment, Mumbai, help you learn few strategies for alleviating a bout of lower back pain.

1. Soothe the ache with hot or cold packs
Let us begin with the basics. An application of hot or cold pack in the affected area would go a long way to spur the process of healing. While cold application essentially reduces inflammation and slows down the nerve impulses, its counterpart stimulates the flow of blood and hastens the healing process. However, it is always advisable to start with cold application and use hot packs only after 48 hours, as the latter has potential to aggravate the inflammation.

2. Learn to lift properly
On most of the occasions, back pain, especially at the lower part, is caused by practicing improper lifting techniques. Although it would be a prudent decision to avoid lifting objects, it is not practically viable solution while performing daily chores. Hence go for these simple techniques to avoid the recurrence of lower back pain.
• When the situation warrants an absolute necessary to lift an object, avoid the hand that is on the same side of the pain.
• Again, while lifting anything, it is a strict ‘NO’ to bend at the back and straighten up with heavy objects in the hand. Alternatively, it is a good habit to bend at the knees and then slowly get up with load in the hand.

3. Practice Yoga
It is not without reasons that yoga is strongly recommended and readily vouched by all its practitioners to avoid lower back pains and spasms. Essentially Yoga presents a perfect remedy to avoid lower back pains on two counts:
• Firstly, being an exercise that is devoid of fast movements, it gradually creates a better protection of spine through its powerful and concentrated postures.
• Secondly, yoga helps in achieving better posture which in turn results in relieving the excess pressure on the spine.

4. Stay active
The chances of occurrence of lower back pain is more for individuals like teachers and cashiers, whose work always demands a sitting posture. It should be borne in the mind that same sitting posture for a longer duration definitely adds pressure to spine. There can’t be a better solution other than taking a short break for walk and relieve the stress in spine. Given an opportunity, if you could lie flat for few minutes, it would definitely do a load of goodness for your spine.

5. Get apt Sleep
No, we are not discussing about the duration of your sleep, but the way to sleep. Surprisingly, on several occasions, the real culprit for your back pain happens to be your sleeping habit.
• Make it double sure that the sleeping surface is firm but good enough to provide comfort.
• Even the sleeping positions matter – while it is good to sleep on the back as well as on sides, it creates a good opportunity for the back pain to pop up when you indulge sleeping on your stomach.
• Also, use a pillow with medium firmness to support your head and avoid pillow that is too high as head elevation also matters in pain management.

These are general guidelines and tips that pave way for a healthier spine and the results may slightly vary with each individual. Nevertheless, with continuous adherence to these tips, you are sure to keep the nagging aches at bay and embrace pain free days. In case of chronic pains, do not hesitate to approach us. Our doctors at Rejuven∞ offer lower back pain treatment in Mumbai through state of the art technologies and non surgical treatment methodologies.