100% Non Surgical Knee Replacement Therapy

the issue

There can’t be a second opinion on a fact that good knee joints are a vital requirement for leading an active lifestyle. But unfortunately, due to arthritis, especially osteoarthritis, your knee joint loses its functional ability due to damage and inflammation. Infact, as days pass by, the progression of problem becomes so severe that it becomes next to impossible to perform routine activities like standing or a light stroll. Due to lack of awareness, many patients still feel that knee replacement surgery is the only option available. It is not so, says a specialist doctor of Rejuven∞ Clinic, a renowned medical centre that offers non surgical knee pain treatment in Mumbai.

What is osteoarthritis?

To understand whether it is possible to offer non surgical treatments, it is essential in the first place to know what osteoarthritis is and why it occurs. In plain words, osteoarthritis occurs due to aging of joints, overweight of body or injury. Also known as degenerative joint disease or degenerative arthritis, it can affect any bone joints in knees, neck, lower back, hips and even the bases of thumb and toes. In a normal bone joint, the cushioning effect is provided by cartilage, a rubbery substance. Cartilage does a spectacular job of providing a smooth surface for the bones to facilitate movement. The problem starts when the cartilage breaks down and creates friction between the bones in the joints, inflammation and unbearable pain. Such is the veracity of this degenerative joint disease that as the condition worsens, the bones may even get fractured and chipped off.

What is the way out?

Now the fact is lucid that all it requires is restoration of cartilage in the bone joints. Many other medication, physiotherapy techniques and alternative techniques such as massages and acupuncture aim to reduce the pain and inflammation.  Would it not be nice to address the real issue – cartilage degeneration, rather than treating the symptoms such as pain and inflammation. Fortunately, EMRT – Electromagnetic regeneration therapy is one of the successful techniques that can provide effective treatment for osteoarthritis.

What is EMRT?

EMRT is a specially formulated electromagnetic therapy for providing treatments that involve bones, discs and cartilage, tendon points and ligament structures. Being a non-invasive and painless treatment, it wisely uses the body’s ability of self healing. This technology has been widely accepted and practiced in Europe and has clearly passed through some of the most rigorous clinical trials and benefitted numerous patients, ascertains a physician who offers non surgical treatments for osteoarthritis in Mumbai.

How does it work?

As the name suggests, EMRT uses magnetic field to facilitate the electrically pulsed signals to penetrate the injury site without getting deteriorated. It should be understood that without the aid of magnetic field, pulsating signals can never reach the injury site before getting disturbed. In simple words, these pulsating signals mimic the natural signals generated by the body to induce repair of the damaged tissues. Isn’t it wonderful to know that our own body repairs the cartilage degeneration with a small help of EMRT?

What is the success rate?

Although the success rate depends on several factors such as the severity of problem, age and other medical conditions, a vast majority of patients who were earlier suffering from severe symptoms have shown remarkable improvement in condition and have stopped medication of conventional medical practice. Moreover, many of them have completely attained relief from all sorts of symptoms after the treatment and have returned to normal daily chores. And the best part is that EMRT provides an easy opportunity for them to avoid costly surgical procedures and their inbuilt risk factors. Remember, EMRT is not only non-invasive, but also a painless, and drug free treatment. No wonder, the treatment is very popular at Rejuven∞ Clinic, which offers excellent arthritis treatment in Mumbai.

If you are one of the unfortunate patients suffering from osteoarthritis, do not fret anymore. EMRT can bring back your active lifestyle and present you a wonderful opportunity to rejoice.